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Founded 1978 as the Allied Control and Electrical Corporation, Alliedcor Multitech and Energy Corporation (ACME) has since evolved into being one of the major leading players in the electrical industry. Built on its commitment to leadership, service, quality and excellence, Alliedcor has set its sights towards addressing the increasing challenges and demands of the industry. With an extensive dealership network, Alliedcor has constantly ensured client satisfaction through provision of quality, durable, and economical products, meeting the stiff market requirements and standards, including rendition of after-sales service and technical assistance. Through the years, with the advent of changing consumer habits and market demands, Alliedcor (ACME) has remained the most trusted and reliable source of various electrical products and needs. And it is by this commitment that we shall continue to strive hard to improve and develop new products in our quest to be the market leader in fabrication, distribution and marketing of electrical goods and services.

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1801, Jose Abad Santos Avenue, Tondo, , City of Manila, National Capital Region (NCR)

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