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All Coconuts Organic Corporation was founded and built ground up by Ian   McMenamin, the corporation‘s current president to specialize in organic coconut products for the export market. Ian has years of experience in trading and   manufacturing of edible oils and saw the need for a company who focused on honesty, reliability, quality and the ability to execute deadlines on time as these were the reoccurring issues that he was forced to deal with as a trader in the industry. Ian being born and raised in San Francisco took the challenge to come to the Philip- pines to pursue his vision and build what is known today as All Coconuts Organic Corporation one of the Philippines top Organic Virgin Coconut Oil exporters.

All Coconuts Organic Corporation focuses on vertical integration from the raw material source to the final sale of its goods. To eliminate their carbon footprint All Coconuts Organic Corporation‘s facility was built in the heart of the coco- nut plantations of Mindoro. All Coconuts Organic Corporation works hands on with our farms and farmers to insure the best organic farming practices are used to cultivate the freshest quality organic coconuts for processing.         

All coconuts processed by All Coconuts Organic Corporation are processed within 3 days of being picked from the trees to create a product with the freshest smells, taste, and highest nutritional retention. All Coconuts Organic Corporation uses the latest technology and machinery from the United States to incorporate high efficiencies with the ability to meet the customer’s needs for high quality, high nutritional value products. All Coconuts Organic Corporation takes pride in the fact that in over 3 years of sales to the United States and Canada‘s largest buyers we have no rejected containers or products to speak of.

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