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AGP ELEVATOR INC. was established in December 2015 to realize its main purpose:  “To create an environment for employees to enliven and uplift the lives of the Filipino people, generate funds for investments and contribute to the nation-building thru tax generations.” It was first conceptualized from the idea of an entrepreneur and businessman himself, Mr. Anthony G. Peñaverde with the help of his long-time friend, professor, business adviser and consultant, Dr. Catalino N. Mendoza. Mr. AGP asked the help of Dr. CNM to what business to open since his (Mr. AGP) third company was then experiencing chaotic business turbulence caused by non-existence of guidelines and strategies on how to perfectly handle its operations due to lack of planning and organizing which is the usual problem encountered by entrepreneurs especially when it grows to a certain hype.

After several assessments and evaluations made of AGP’s businesses, Dr. Mendoza suggests to come up with a corporation with well-structured policies and guidelines to follow based on the results of thorough research and analysis. The idea was realized on December 2, 2015 then applied with the different names patterned from AGP’s initials since he (Mr. Anthony G. Peñaverde) is the one who initiated the formation of business in-line with the nature of his other businesses and who has the biggest and highest capital investment to start and operate the said business. The corporate name was chosen from the selections of the corporate names from AGP Conglomerates to AGP Elevator Corporation to AGP Elevator Inc. where the latter prevailed as approved by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

AGP is composed of well-trained individuals in the field of business specifically elevator and electrical materials and services industries as incorporators and who are willing to risks their time, efforts and money for the realization of the identified purpose. These young, energetic and visionary professionals are also considered vibrant with eloquence in the business and entrepreneurship world who are all naturally born Filipinos and residents of the Republic of the Philippines and who are willing to abide all the rules and regulations set by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) guided by its by-laws.

AGP is now on its full operations serving the greater market following a well-designed organizational structure and company policies guided by the existing laws of the land, the Philippine Constitution.

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Unit 240 Republic Supermarket Bldg., Soler St., Sta Cruz , Manila, National Capital Region (NCR)

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