Milk Tea Business Products and Suppliers

There's no stopping the bubble tea craze in the Philippines. As the demand for milk tea grows, so as the demand for for milk tea ingredients and supplies for those who own a milk tea shop. And for entrepreneurs who want to capitalize on the popularity of milk tea, we're here to help you find the products you need. From locally manufactured tapioca pearls, fresh tea leaves, sweeteners and creamers, we've got you covered! We've also compiled the top milk tea suppliers and manufacturers so you can easily find supplies at wholesale price.

Milk Tea Ingredients, Consumables, Supplies, and Equipment

Tapioca Pearls

Locally manufactured tapioca pearls sago

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Black Tea, Earl Grey Tea, Oolong Tea Leaves and more

Sweeteners and Creamers

Sweeteners and Creamers are essential for any bubble tea supply. Honey, fructose, and brown sugar are usually used as sweeteners, while syrups add flavor. Milk tea shops often use non-dairy creamers

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Disposable PP Cups, Straws, Lids


Shaker Machine, Sealer Machine, Fructose Machine

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