NEW Sikorsky S-76C Tourist/Rescue Helicopter (For Sale)

Sikorsky S-76C Tourist/Rescue Helicopter

USD 5,800,000.00/Unit

1 Unit Minimum Order

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Product Details


Type: Cargo Airplane

Condition: Used

Place of Manufacture: Arizona, United States

Product name: Business Airplane

Usage: Aerial Surveying

Application: Professional Aerial Mapping

Wingspan: 28.5m

Max payload: 2,812kg

Max take-off Weight: 41,277kg

Cruise speed: 0.8 Mach

Endurance: 4-11 Hrs

Keywords: Long Flight Time

Feature: Effective

Shipping: CIF Destination Lean Time: 10 Days After Final Payment Confirmation 10% first deposit, we arrange customer visit the plane 80% second payment 5-10days after visit the plane and inspection