Dobbo E10 Earphones

Available in two colors: blue and black

PHP 320.00/Piece

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Product Details

Product model: E10

Cable length: 120cm

Sensitivity: 90dB +- 3dB

Plug: 3.5mm audio jack

Impedance: 16ohm


Why can't make your life fun? With its simple design with high quality parts, the Dobbo E10 ushers in on a new generation of quality, affordable earphones.

120cm cable length - At 120cm, the E10 can be use even on bags with designated placements for earphones.

Quality audio - The E10 is made of high quality materials that allows a real experience of quality sound and audio for a fraction of a price.

Built-in microphone - With its built-in microphone, the E10 is capable to make calls while wearing the earphones, making it comfortable for users.